Bronze age, Iron age, Viking, Celtic, and Gallic stars? Othin, Gundestrup, Gallehus

oden korpar lilla björn 22gundestrup gemini 1

TullstorpStone leo fardig4

Is this Garm, the wolf? Is it the Gnipahole, at the entry to the underworlds? Because it is located in the solar ecliptic, the border between the underworlds and the upper worlds. Garm goes into the upper world, and the ship Nagelfar is put into the sea, to bring evil giants to fight in Ragnarök. Ragnarök being the end of the solar year that ends at winter solstice, and perhaps also the last fight of the asatro heathen civilisation that was slowly being conquered by the christian civilisation. Skriv en bildtext

lupus on gallehus 2



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