Hunnestadsmonumentet Varg, Fenris och Hyrrokkin

Today they found another runestone belonging to the group of stones that are called Hunnestadsmonumentet.

I discovered on the 1st sept 2017 that the stone depicting what is thought to represent the giantess Hyrrokkin, ”Fire-Smoked” is actually the Leo or Lion star sign.

I made a scetch of the new stone, depicting a wolf, maybe the Fenris wolf, or Garmr.

This depiction of Hyrrokkin is the original image that led me to discover hundreds of images inspired by the stars in the sky and the constellations.

Here is a link to my blog article from 1 sept 2017:

Swedish and Armenian petroglyphs worshipping the connection between the Sun, the Woman and birth, and the solar year.

I write in English because no-one in Sweden is interested in the reality behind the Swedish petroglyphs. No archeologs, no museums, no universities are interested. In Armenia it is official that the petroglyphs, with close ressemblence to those in Sweden, talk about star signs, like these in the Zodiac, and the movements of the sun, the moon and the planets.