World’s oldest runestone found in Norway.

So now the Elder Futhark might date to 0 AD.

This is my interpretation of the text. I am the first and only to interpret it this way.


Well, the G rune can be pronounced ”J”, like in Götar, ”Jötar”, Germanic ”Jermanic”.

If we read the words backwords they form GUREBIDI or JUREBIDI.

The B rune might be double, in that case there would be 9 runes,

and 9 is the holy heathen number. Is it a surprise that the added rune is B, number 18? 1+8=9.

JURE means earth, JURI in slavic, Georgios in Ancient Greek and George in English, meaning farmer or earth worker.

BIDI could be Bedr in Old Norse, Bädd in Modern Swedish, Bed in Modern English. Bida in Swedish means ”to stay”.

So, JUREBIDI could mean Earth-Grave, or Earth-Bed.

And the stone was found in a grave…

Oseberg ship starmap, Discovery by Daniel Vagerstam 2019, put here 2022-11-19

Oseberg ship starmap, Discovery by Daniel Vagerstam 2019, put here 2022-11-19

One of my latest discoveries:

There is a carving on the underside of a wooden plank on the Oseberg Ship, found in Norway. I have discovered that the carvings represent Greek star constellations. How fitting, for a ship builder and ship crew to have deep knowledge about star constellations and navigation. The images correspond to the Greek constellations in this way: Lupus, ”the wolf”, by a wolf; Centaurus by a horse and an elk being killed by the horse (or someone that should be riding it, maybe Othin?), Argo Navis, Jason and the Argonaut’s ship, is represented by a… ship.

The elk seem to have taken the place of the wolf, I don’t know why… but anyway it’s the same bloody wolf. It has been turned a bit. Well, the star sky does one full turn every 24 hours so that’s not completely significant. They are put there as symbols, not an exact star map, the sailor’s knew the stars by heart anyway.

Here it is:

Hunnestadsmonumentet Varg, Fenris och Hyrrokkin

Today they found another runestone belonging to the group of stones that are called Hunnestadsmonumentet.

I discovered on the 1st sept 2017 that the stone depicting what is thought to represent the giantess Hyrrokkin, ”Fire-Smoked” is actually the Leo or Lion star sign.

I made a scetch of the new stone, depicting a wolf, maybe the Fenris wolf, or Garmr.

This depiction of Hyrrokkin is the original image that led me to discover hundreds of images inspired by the stars in the sky and the constellations.

Here is a link to my blog article from 1 sept 2017:

Swedish and Armenian petroglyphs worshipping the connection between the Sun, the Woman and birth, and the solar year.

I write in English because no-one in Sweden is interested in the reality behind the Swedish petroglyphs. No archeologs, no museums, no universities are interested. In Armenia it is official that the petroglyphs, with close ressemblence to those in Sweden, talk about star signs, like these in the Zodiac, and the movements of the sun, the moon and the planets.