Swedish and Armenian petroglyphs worshipping the connection between the Sun, the Woman and birth, and the solar year.

I write in English because no-one in Sweden is interested in the reality behind the Swedish petroglyphs. No archeologs, no museums, no universities are interested. In Armenia it is official that the petroglyphs, with close ressemblence to those in Sweden, talk about star signs, like these in the Zodiac, and the movements of the sun, the moon and the planets.

Pertra Rune, P-runan

According to the Uthark counting of the elder futhark, P is staff number 12. In Hervors and Heidreks saga, they have 12 sons, all of them are berzerks. A bear have, according to Swedish folklore, the strength of twelve men.

Perchta, or Berchta, is a germanic alpine goddess, similar to Freya. She is celebrated during the twelve days of christmas, which of course were the twelve days of Yule before christianity. Yule is the feast of Othin, associated with bears through the berzerks. Yule month is the 12th month.

Pertra could mean ”pear wood”, from which game tables and music instruments are manufactured.

Pertra could also mean ”rock”, as in latin petra, from which Mithras was born. I am a bit skeptic to this idea.

I am just playing around with words and names in old languages in order to seek out the initial meaning of the runes in the elder futhark. Some of them probably had other meanings initially than those proposed by the rune poems which were written down 1000 years after the runes creation.


p rune